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What is BCT


Black College Today Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine specifically designed to inform and educate today's black college student. We showcase today's hottest black artists and celebrities who are making news. Thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants are included in every issue! Job and Career opportunities can be read along with what's going on at various black colleges, black college sports and more!

Black College Today Magazine offers its readers news and views on the positive attributes that black colleges offer. Our magazine takes a close-up look at African-Americans who have succeeded in public as well as government sectors. Controversial issues are tackled in an enlightening and uplifting way from a student's perspective.

Everyday Black College Today Magazine receives hundreds of emails and calls from students seeking advice on various topics ranging from career opportunities to financial guidance. Parents and high school students have also learned that Black College Today Magazine is their best resource for guiding them through the complexity of entering college life. If it's how to choose the right college or university, scholarship or grant, major, profession, entertainment, sports update or the latest activities on campus, remember you can only find it in Black College Today Magazine!